Why Government support means now is the time for sustainability start ups

Looking ahead to the COP26 United Nations Climate Summit later this year, one of the primary aims for governments and businesses will be to harness the power of innovative sustainability startups to deliver on their goals. Thanks to their agility and high growth potential, SMEs with scalable solutions to climate change are uniquely positioned to attract significant investment. Governmental grants and funding are available to businesses capable of building back better for a climate resilient economy.

UK Government Budget 2021

Equally important for UK Tech Companies, the government has set out to major reforms to boost entrepreneurship; firstly to the immigration system to help UK businesses attract international talent with new talent provisions, and secondly by looking to open up the London listing rules so that it is more founder friendly and to encourage London-based IPOs.

The UK Government has also announced that it will be consulting on new R&D grants and tax credits to further support innovation.

Consumer demand — how we buy and use things

Circular economy — how we dispose of things

The bans on single-use plastic not only sets the stage for new approaches to recycling, they signal significant interest in broader circular economy shifts. For instance, the EU is planning an eco-design law which would guarantee the right to repair electronics and phase out disposable packaging by 2030. Startups who focus on traceability, reverse logistics schemes and waste mining all have significant disruptive potential.

EV, transport and buildings — how we move, live and work

Grants are available for a variety of areas from hydrogen fuel to energy efficiency in homes in the UK. The air industry in the UK signed a pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 70%. Devising the solutions to achieve that goal present considerable challenges. The UK’s Jet Zero Council has awarded a stage-two £500,000 sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) grant to the Altalto Project, a collaboration between British Airways and Velocys.

Residential property owners can also earn Green Deals for energy efficiency upgrades or support in becoming Green Homes Grant installers. Depending on your location, additional grants of up to £15,000 for sustainable business projects are available for SMEs. Preparing grant applications requires a strategic presentation of your project’s viability.

Tax credits and grants

Meanwhile, Innovate UK are introducing an increasing number of grants to help sustainability start ups to fund opportunities that are of strategic, technical importance to the UK such as the recent £134m grant to help companies Build Back Better.

Please get in touch for help accessing these important funding opportunities with our professional help. We’ll guide you through the application process.

Financial services

Sustainability recognition

Partnerships and Accelerators

One of the ways that large corporates are filling the sustainability gap is by partnering with startups. Unilever recently announced its aim to build partnerships by creating its “Clean Future” programme, with 1bn euro in funding for start ups working to eliminate its carbon footprint and to boost the recycled content of its cleaning products by 2030. Amazon created a USD $2bn fund for climate solutions and Tesla launched a USD $100m carbon capture technology competition.

Unprecedented opportunity

Innovators have the upper hand in this situation because there is huge demand for viable climate change solutions. As momentum builds to transition the economy, it’s a pivotal moment to grow your SME or startup.

We help sustainability startups to build their businesses. If you are interested in finding out more please schedule a call today.

Originally published at https://www.attis.earth on March 4, 2021.

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